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Where am I?

This question keeps bothering me again and again. At the beginning of my studies, at the end of my studies. And "again and again" is also the key word for my work, which represents one cycle in the existence of our universe. In which I am located, somewhere, at some point. I present this cycle of our universe - based on the scientific "big crunch hypothesis" - as a pulsating something that, at some point, has reached a state of maximum expansion and then collapses again. When everything has released its energy, burnt up and cooled down, it collapses into many black holes, which then collect in a large black hole that eventually swallows itself up. This is the moment of the “Big Bang”, and the cycle begins anew.

By working on this project, I have emerged from my own perceived powerless emptiness and found my way back into artistic creation. This is therefore a deeply personal project, and for this reason my voice is the only adequate instrument to complete this project with its inherent sound.

where am I?


Photography @ Alex Jeskulke

Drawings: 12 x DIN A2, Pitt Oil Base pencil

Installation: 2m x 2m x 2m, aluminium

audio: 10 min, Logic Pro X, Shure SM58 mic, voice

Trailer diploma exhibition at AdBK Munich 2024