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The composition "soundgardening" deals with the exploration of the "Old Botanical Garden Munich". The used sounds were almost all recorded on site and subsequently cut, edited, distorted and recomposed. Thus the work is based on the interaction of ambient traffic and "beergarden" noise and nature sounds, which form unique interferences in the Old Botanical Garden. "soundgardening" plays with the expectation of a small recreational metropolitan oasis and the following disappointment caused by the enormous influence of the noise people in Munich are exposed to day by day, and the strange, contradictory and somewhat inexplicable manifestation of the Old Botanical Garden from a personal perspective.

Material: ZoomH4n recorder, Adobe Audition and Audacity.


Part of the "No plan withstands the very first touch" exhibition at Kunstpavillion München by Klasse Pitz from the AdBK Munich.

use headphones