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The work was created for the Arcus Pride Art "Community" Exhibition 2022 (a cooperation with Clifford Chance and KUNSTLABOR 2 Munich).

behind the next corner...

The illuminated lines draw paths into the room. Paths that I have taken or perhaps will go in future. They show how my paths have felt so far. There is often a feeling that we grow up in a world in which the "straightforward" path is required to take one's place in society.

I often took a turn. Went backwards. And then I moved forward again in search of my place. Going through life this way is often  considered atypical and abnormal. Explanations and justifcations are required. Sometimes I reach a point where I feel like not belonging anywhere.

By joining the LGBTQAI+ community I felt I've experienced a complete mutual understanding for the first time. Things no longer had to be explained and justified. Safety and relief were the result. Community means having an environment in which you can continue the search for your "I" without hassle.


Light installation consisting of LED strips, cable ducts and gaffa tape.

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Dachauer Straße 90

80335 München

Opening hours: summer sa/su 12 - 6 pm           winter: fri&sa 10 am - 8 pm , sunday 12 - 6 pm